What kinds of problems do you solve most ?

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Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman
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What kinds of problems do you solve most ?

Post by Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman »

Hi, I am making a survey on the various problem catagories on the UVa OJ problemset archive. It lead me to the interest to know what kind of problems does one solve most in this site. You are requested to give a list of top 3/5 problem catagories that you like/solve.

Mine is given below -
1) Mostly Ad Hoc :D (Novice programmer)
2) Arithmatic / Algebra
3) Graph
4) Simulation
5) DP
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Andrew Neitsch
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Post by Andrew Neitsch »

Easy ones.

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Post by randomtaiwanese »

anything pre-calculateable
and any problem that does not have a long, lame description

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Post by shamim »

It is not a matter of liking or disliking problems. Most of us here solve problems as part of their training for Regional and local contests. So even if one finds a particular problem difficult or not of his preferred category, they are still eager to solve it.

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Post by Niaz »

As far I get, I think Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman asked about favorite category. We need to be ready to attack all kinds of problems. But still there will be a LOVE for some special type problems and also hate for some other types. We do to take sometime medicine that has got bad taste. But, to become cure, we need to take them. Some problems are like so. And some are like soft drinks (we don't even feel to solve them. Touch and solve).

Any way, my favorite category, hmmm
1. Graph
2. Math
3. Number System

I hate... (in fact I am very week in) DP. :-(
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Zyaad Jaunnoo
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Post by Zyaad Jaunnoo »

I like to solve problems dealing with:
graphs (DFS & BFS)

I find DP sometimes hard

What about your hardest type of problems? You can share links dealing with the type of problems that we solve less often :wink:

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Post by CodeMaker »

1. Graph
2. Number theory
3. Ad hoc
4. Geometry

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Post by sohel »

  • 1. Dynamic Programming
    2. Backtracking
    3. Ad hoc

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Post by n00i3 »

I have issues with graphs :S

I like doing text processing and string manipulations and funky stuff like that. On the whole I like interesting problems like puzzle solving (preferably dfs) and simple number problems and stuff :)

mohiul alam prince
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Post by mohiul alam prince »


i try to solve all kinda of problems (if it is possible for me).
but recursion is my favourite part of problem solving. :D
but consider ad hoc problems to be boring. :evil:


Martin Macko
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Post by Martin Macko »

I'am trying to solve all kinds of the problems, but still there are some I have no idea how to solve.. Eg. 10840, 10845, 10857, ...

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Post by Khaled_912 »

I LOVE graphs.. I just try to solve any problem using graphs even if a simpler solution exists (Set Union using DFS)... I also like dynamic programming, but I'm not pretty good in solving those types of problems. I also have a good ability in solving maths problems, but I dun really like them. Finally I'm pretty interested in geometry, but it has taken me long enough to write a simple geometry library that I can use to solve problems that I gave up writing it :(
I'am trying to solve all kinds of the problems, but still there are some I have no idea how to solve.. Eg. 10840, 10845, 10857, ...
In 10845 you can try a maximum flow algorithm, but you'll have to modify it not to allow the two armies to be marching on a single path. Well, this might not be very helpful, but I also find it a difficult problem (look at its statistics).

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yea yea yea1

Post by newton »

actually i love to enjoy numerical problem!
but the most frequently the ansewers go to TIME LIMIT EXEEDED!
what can i do?[/img]

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Easy ones ;)

Post by _.B._ »

Anything I've just learnt about :lol:

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Post by Zaspire »

I like Math, DP and Decoding problem, :D But I'am trying to solve all kinds of the problems.

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