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Adrian Kuegel
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Programming Challenges Advertisement on front page

Post by Adrian Kuegel »

I have read the book, and I liked it. But I must say, the advertisement they use is wrong.
Hey! Remember that, if you want to solve every last problem, you should start reading this
It doesn't help to solve every last problem, it is a good book for beginners so that they can solve most of the problems.

A great helper
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Post by anupam »

A very good book for beginners, but many pages may not be useful for a regular contestant as they already knew them:)
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Post by Per »

Well, the ad doesn't say that reading PC is sufficient to solve all problems, just that it's a start. :)

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Post by Niaz »

Starting of a long journey ........ ----- ....... ----- hmmm
I have gone through the whole book.
Nice but not for the seniors.
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