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Dmytro Chernysh
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Post by Dmytro Chernysh »

Hi! I'm 18 now. I've been solving problems from this site for almost a year. I've solved more than 250 problem.
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Post by raymond85 »

Almost 17 for me. Have started to learn algorithm for half year and started to work on ACM seriously for less than a week :P (was picking few stupid problems to solve before that)
Solved 50 problems so far...
Solved 70 problems on another judge.....
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Post by Observer »

I'm 17 too (what a coincedence!).

I'm only a newbie here in ACM; my ID here is 3XXXX!

I've solved more than 100 problems.
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Russell John
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Post by Russell John »

Nice way to get a lot of replies... I am 20, and joined a week back.
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Post by Spider »

I am 14.

I began solving problems three months ago when I was 13.
Now I've solved 45 problems.
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Post by Larry »

I'm 20, moved to NYC, USA from HK.. only started (any type of algo) a year ago, sad thing too, because now I'm so behind everybody.. (though I'm up to 300 right now..)
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Joseph Kurniawan
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Post by Joseph Kurniawan »

I'm 18 this year. I joined this site in Jan 2003 and solved 101 probs.
Notes : I first introduced to these stuff (algo and programming) in Sept 2002, still a baby (one year) :wink: :wink:
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Post by Per »

I'm 21, registered 1 year + 3 days ago, solved 900 problems, and don't expect to solve as many next year. :)
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Post by hujialie »

Hi,I am 18.Registered about five months ago.140+ problems have been solved.
This is an interesting site. :)
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Post by ericschmidt »

Hi Folks,

I'm 37 ... and I wouldn't have posted my age if "little joey" wouldn't have.
I've solved 7 problems since Jan 2003 (and have contributed 1).

I would like to express my deep respect towards anybody who has honestly solved hundreds or even beyond 1000! Wow! That is a "level" (rate) way beyond mine.

"Solving problems" in general seems to be somewhere in my genes and that is why I had to find ACM. I have an interesting full-time job in the field of embedded control, but as the career of an engineer goes (or maybe as our "time" is changing in general) the fascinating aspects of problem solving, algorithm finding and "neat" things like that are decreasing - that's why I try to find time for ACM problems (besides my job and my family). I keep my brain "sharp" that way and there's always something to learn on the way.

Yours, Eric
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Post by Trickster »

"There's a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path."
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Post by arif_pasha »

Hi I am Arif Pasha From Bangladesh
I am 21 years old
joined in 2002 November
Solved 180 Probs

:wink: :lol:
Tahseen Mohammad
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Post by Tahseen Mohammad »

I am Tahseen Mohammad
Age: 20
Registered: over 3 years
Solved : Close to 350

There are people who have solved about 1200 in 2 years. :o
I wonder how they do that?
I also have to say that I'm a bit LaZy
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Post by Shaka_RDR »

hi, I'm Ricky... 19 years old next this november 2003 ... registered about 6 months (idle for 4 months, sorry, i was not interested with ACM first ) , solved = 60 (at the time i post this).

i wonder with my friends (almost_human,and others..) how could they solved so many problems easily and quickly (only 3 months about 100)...
any body can give me an advice ? or some tutorials ? esp for DP ... thx a lot.... :)
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Post by Tanzim-Saqib »

I am Tanzim Saqib from Bangladesh, will be 19 soon . Basically I have been trying to be a software developer and do work with VB, Java, C/C++, Scripting languages, ASP, Win32 API etc. I am a member since December 2003, but haven't worked hard on ACM. Yet, I have set a problem - 10490 Mr. Azad and his son!!!! Hope to start ACM programming seriously oneday at least for the univarsity!

Thank you!
[Tanzim Saqib]
Problemsetter of 10490
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