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deddy one
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Joined: Tue Nov 12, 2002 7:36 pm

Post by deddy one »

age : 19.
joined acm since october 2002.

solved 190+ problems.

Alexander Denisjuk
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Post by Alexander Denisjuk »

I am 38. Joined in 1998. I have solved about 55 problems. Unfortunately, I have not enough time :(

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Post by cytse »

I am 21, solved 800+ problems, started solving problems here 1.5 years ago.

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Post by tzzx »

I am 17 ,a chinese.
my msn:
please help me . i am a little too weak.

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Post by ec3_limz »

At the age of 15, I think I am the youngest person to post in this thread as of today. 8)

I registered about 1 years and 2 months ago and have since got 157 problems Accepted or Accepted (Presentation Error). If you think that the number of problems I solve is by any means few, do note the fact that I solve UVA problems as a hobby, not for my studies.

Whinii F.
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Post by Whinii F. »

It's interesting. ;)

I'm 21, and joined about March 2002. Solved 440.

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Location: Bangladesh

Post by Rossi »

I'm 21. Joined in 2001. Just passed two years here about a week ago.. Solved over 700.. thanks..

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Location: Pune, India


Post by technogeek »

I am 18. Joined very recently. Solved only 5 problems yet. Anybody want to point out the easy questions to me ?
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Post by carneiro »

I'm 23, solved some problems here .. but I use this site for 3 years now. I've been to the ACM ICPC World Finals this year in Beverly Hills, and I'm studying to be there next year again :)
Mauricio Oliveira Carneiro

the LA-Z-BOy
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Post by the LA-Z-BOy »

hi, i'm Istiaque Ahmed Dolar, 20. registered in June 2002, started submitting in July 2002. just crossed 400 and i've solved most of the easy ones of this site, now it's tough going :(
i love this site :D
Istiaque Ahmed [the LA-Z-BOy]

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Post by anupam »

i am anupam, 21 years. and in buet. solved 566 till today.
i am interested abt boards.
"Everything should be made simple, but not always simpler"

A great helper
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Post by anupam »

rossi, i want to know more abt u.
will you please mail at
i think you should help me in some cases.
"Everything should be made simple, but not always simpler"

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Post by Noim »


I am Noim. I am very ameture programmer. I am here since Jan 2002.
I have accepted 215 problems.

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Post by r.z. »

I'm new here just registered in ACM less than a month ago

solved 8 problems so far but growing....(hope so)

I'm 19

A great helper
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Post by anupam »

:oops: :oops: :oops:
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"Everything should be made simple, but not always simpler"

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