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How old are you?

9 or younger...
10 to 12
13 to 16
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Total votes: 376

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Post by CodeMaker »

:-? Hi, I am 23 years old and my solve is 230 till now.... i started solving in april 2004....i am having bad time in the last 3 months...plz pray for me that i get my good time back :cry:
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Post by myqbzi »

I'm 18 year old (girl) programmer from Croatia. I like solving problems. It's good and interesting way to spend some free time. ;)

I registered to ACM two years ago, but I started solving more problems in last year and solved 159 problems.
It's not to much because sometimes I solve 5 or more problems per day, sometimes 2-3, and sometimes nothing... My main problem is free time.
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Post by mythicwolf »

Im 16 and just started today. I only have 2 problems done, but i will be doing alot more in the next few months preparing for competitions against other schools here in texas
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Post by GVahe »

Hi, my name is Vahe, i am 15.
I start solving problems 9 months ago and solve 300+ problems :)
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Post by nukeu666 »

started 3 days ago...3 21 in college
cant wait for the mid sem exams to end so i can get cracking
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Ali Arman Tamal
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Post by Ali Arman Tamal »

I'm 20yrs old. Created OJ acount in February 2004 but started solving from december 2004.
Total solve: 117
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Destination Goa
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Post by Destination Goa »

Age 21 (almost 22), registered AFAIK in 1999 (too lazy to check my INFO :)). I usually solve about 200 problems in 2-6 weeks, then I understand that it's really time to get back to work, and evantually 6-12 months gap follows.

P.S: my ID is prime (4153) 8)
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Post by neno_uci »

Problems solved:306

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Post by ibrahim »

I am 22 and solved 160+.
I registed 2002 (1 year gap).
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Post by LPH »

I'm surprised to see that there's one vote in the selection "9 and younger" :-?

Besides, I'm 18, start solving ACM when 16, and (with a period of time that I didn't work on programming because of school works) had accepted about 200 probs.
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Hi !!!

Post by dovier_antonio »

I am 20 years old, and I solved problems since 7 months ago. I have 113 ac problems.

Good Whishes

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Post by daveon »


I am 21 years old and started solving in the summer of 2004.
It's been a wild ride to 700+.
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Post by doraemon2112 »

I'm 16 years old.
I've solved 158 problems in UVA and 120 problems on other online judges.
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Post by n00i3 »

dammit im hooked :P

I've only gotten about 2 AC so far.. but i only registered like 11sept2005 :)

I try not to cheat or anything but if you get WA you go to the board and get more input from ppl and sometimes that helps you catch a bug... is that cheating? I only did it once :p

wish me luck!!!
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Post by SRX »

CodeMaker wrote::-? Hi, I am 23 years old and my solve is 230 till now.... i started solving in april 2004....i am having bad time in the last 3 months...plz pray for me that i get my good time back :cry:
age : 16
solved : 3xx
time : 7month
where from : taiwan
what I m doing : study my hate subject for monthly test :evil:
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