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***!!! PLEASE STOP IT !!!***

Post by Moni »

Hello! Everybody!
Again I am writing this thread which is not programming related but I thought it should be in this board not as a programmer but more than a programmer as a human, as a citizen of this only warm planet Earth.

I know that no international community based writing i.e. attacking community sentiments is allowed here. You may consider that this is one of them which are not any programming related things or of any enjoyable occasion.

But one thing I must say that we are may be programmers, engineers, web developers, or even student but we are not out of this world, this society. All of us know what destruction can be done by the war. It doesn
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Post by Derk »

Most people are for peace, it's those who are not who cause the problems. In general, war is a bad thing -- I doubt anyone here would disagree with you. However, to some, this is a lesser of two evils. Yes, by going to war, undoubtedly people are going to be injured or killed. However, there's a reason for going to war. Clearly the pros of it can potentially outweigh the cons.

Regarding Saddam Hussein, it's no big secret what he's done to some of the people in Iraq. Anti-war people say that more talking and less fighting should be done. However, they don't realize that a peaceful agreement has been attempted time and time again. There are people in the world who will continue their evil ways no matter what. It doesn't have to happen on an international level -- look at criminals around where you live. Repeat offenders, etc. Should someone who kills multiple times be allowed to kill again? Clearly not. Now, be it life imprisonment or death penalty, that's not my concern. I'm sure that if Saddam Hussein could be captured and locked up, we would accept that -- heck, he was even given the option to leave Iraq.

Now, I'm not pro-war or anti-war. I am not a republican, and as a whole, I do not like George Bush -- I didn't vote for him in the last election because I didn't like him. But I also don't like Saddam Hussein. I am all for his removal from power. Various methods were tried -- certainly you can see that war comes after a long string of other failed diplomatic attempts.

Since I don't know all the details, I'm not high up in the government, I don't work for the Pentagon, I don't have connections with people inside anywhere, then I certainly don't know the entire situation. I think it's absolutely foolish for people to make a judgment of something that they don't completely understand. However, I have faith in the thousands of people up the line from me who have, as a whole, deemed that the removal of Saddam by force is the right thing to do because nothing else was working out. That's democracy.

It's fine for people to have opinions, but when one makes a judgment and they only know say 20% of what is REALLY going on, it may not be an opinion that logically makes sense. This type of faulty reasoning leads to all sorts of problems around the world.

I'm all for a peaceful world, and I firmly believe that the removal of Saddam will help achieve that objective. I also, as a teacher, am dedicated to the education of the future people so that 1) hopefully we don't have these problems in the future 2) if we do, a reasonable solution can come about to these problems, and 3) that people can reason things out enough to realize what's right, what's wrong, and when to just say that they aren't sure.

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my opinion

Post by kmhasan »

Let me start by saying that I don't have any intention to hurt anybody's feelings in anyway. But I can't resist the temptation to express my feelings on this rather sensitive and controversial issue.

I believe it is the Iraqis who are going to decide whether Saddam is good for them or not. They do not need some other country to show them their leader. If the protest is needed it should come from within Iraq. Neither the US nor the UK people have any sort of right to poke their nose into this matter. The word "regime" is being used a lot by the pro-war people. However, they are forgetting that there is another word "Sovereignty" which should be added to their vocabulary. It'd be my own personal opinion, but I must say that I don't see Saddam's emperor as a "regime" rather I feel the Bush administration to be the true "regime".

And about possession of illegal weapons, we are being quite convinced that Iraq doesn't have any such thing. Thanks to the US/UK invaders who unfortunately is revealing this information to the world.

I have had respect on the United Nations and their activities. But now it seems that there are much more powerful people who can play mockery of the UN. I thought, the UN has the right to govern the international issues. Now I realize how mistaken I have been.

Looking forward to see how people react on my opinion.

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Post by Derk »

I think the coalition is trying to at least be semi-proactive. They know his actions from the past, and feel that things are reaching a critical mass again -- something they had tried to avert with diplomatic discussions.

It is often said that history repeats itself. Perhaps it is better to step in to prevent another criminal on the order of Hitler. People tried to fight back, only for things to drag on for years. Other countries looked the other way, until it was far too late and tens of millions died.

Truth be told, I'd rather look like the bad guy if it ended up saving more peoples lives in the long run. It wouldn't make any difference to me who we were attacking, but why. As a human being, I feel as though I have a responsibilty to all human beings -- not just those in my own country.

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Post by bery olivier »

agree with kmhasan
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Post by jingye »

To Derk: You are correct. Nobody doubts that Saddam is an evil man and must be removed.

My opinion:
The US is not invading Iraq to "liberate the Iraqi people." There are other countries in the world who are more of a threat, or who have committed greater atrocities. Why don't we attack them?

Reasons why the US is attacking Iraq:
1. Taking control of Iraq will give the United States a guaranteed future ally in the increasing hostile Middle East.
2. The US will have the ability to construct military bases in the future Iraq, and gain access to cheap unrestricted oil.
3. Winning a war will stimulate the US economy. It will increase consumer confidence, as well as give corporate America a chance to rebuild Iraq. Dick Cheney and his friends will profit greatly from this war.
4. George Dubya Bush will increase chances for reelection in 2004.

The primary reason for war is not oil, nor is it the Iraqi people.
If the US has the right to attack any "evil" country, it might as well invade half the world.

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Post by kzaman010 »

"Kill people for PEACE"
"Massacre everything for PEACE"
"Grasp everything for PEACE"

I want peace. Dear Iraqi people, my heart is crying for you. I am
coming, coming with missiles, bombs, Tomahawks, Kitty Hawk and Apache. Don't worry.
I will give you PEACE, PEACE for ever.
Oh! Mr. Bush why don't you explain the definition of PEACE ??
Can anyone tell me what is peace ??

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Post by Subeen »

does BUSH/US have right to attack IRAQ? :evil:
who is the terrorist? :evil:
and the terrorist striked against terror!!! :-?
and now the terrorist is killing people for the safety of the world?!?! :D
they killed people in Japan during 2nd World War for the safety of the world!? :D
they killed people in Vietnum for the safety of the world!? :D
they killed people in Afganistan for the safety of the world!? :D
it's all their duty to save the world? :D
they are playing the role of GOD ( or Satan ? ) :evil:
they always do justice?! :evil:

i can do nothing for the Iraqi people...
but for them by heart cries :(
may God save them...

i do agree to Tomal Bhai (kmhasan) and Kamurzzaman bhai.

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
...justice is lost
justice is raped
justice is gone pulling your strings
justice is done seeking no truth
winning is all
find it so grim, so true, so real...

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Post by Adil »

It is often said that history repeats itself.
I agree with Derk. and i think that's what we witness today. history repeating itself. another Hitler killing innocent people in the name of PEACE.
As a human being, I feel as though I have a responsibilty to all human beings -- not just those in my own country.
that's a good idea. then why don't you spend some time to know what most "human beings" in this world think about this matter? you do that, and you'll know what your responsibility should be.

i dont mean to hurt anyone's feelings. but it's just beyond me how anyone can think they are helping iraqi people by killing them. saddam is not the right person to rule iraq? well, bush is also not the right person to rule USA. but no one is killing americans to change the ruler, are they? or do you suggest someone should start that? that's the lesson USA itself is giving, right?

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Scattered feelings

Post by shahriar_manzoor »

I was thinking for a long time that I would reply this thread, and then I thought well this is a programming contest site we should not talk about war here and moreover I am a system admin of this site. I kept my self away from replying this thread but I did not know that was only to post a longer thread that I am writing now, please don

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Post by yahoo »

I agree 100% with Shahriar Manzoor. What the american think about themselves? I think they have to repent for their task any time in future. :evil: :evil: :evil:

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Post by soyoja »

Oh.. Shahriar Manzoor, I read your article and feel so bad...
Racial discrimination is cleary exist....
I think some of ( Not all ! ) US people have these bad prejudice...
Anyway, we must fix these wrong idea...

I think be a ACM-ICPC World Final judge is a cool experience..
I know that 2004 World Final will be hold in Europe...
Maybe you can invite 2004 World Final judge again, and you can enjoy your
judging time.. :) Cheer up~

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Re: Scattered feelings

Post by Moni »

First to the protesters of the war against Iraq, Hssh! Don
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