What is your record of solved problems during one day?

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Post by yiuyuho »

Oh, wow! Maybe he was fixing PEs? But still...
First I thought so too, but no, it's for real (if fixing PE those will show in his statistics as Presentation Error in Expanded Statistics).

I believe he's got a degree in Cal Tech and Stanford, and he's bored! I wonder what kind of things will happen when he joins TopCoder....But too bad I failed to contact him :-(

Anyway, I think he's got almost 1000 problems in about 5-6 weeks now! That's comparable to Per and Adrian in their prime time.[/quote]

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Post by hamedv »

today i solved 12 problems in volume 104

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Re: What is your record of solved problems during one day?

Post by Obaida »

I solved 9 problems in a day! That was my record.
Still I try but can't and imagine try try and try. :wink:
This may be the address of success.

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