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critical input

Posted: Sat Nov 01, 2003 4:15 pm
by osan
bery olivier you should think about critical inputs. I think you are getting WA for critical inputs.

10499_inputs needed

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2004 9:17 pm
by dark man
can anybody help me giving some normal & crical inputs with their outputs
of problem 10499.I don't understand what they mean with
" calculate the profit over the sold price". I solved this problem but got WA. May be i didn't understand the problem.

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2004 12:45 pm
by shamim
check your answer for 1.
It should be 0%.

Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2004 8:01 pm
by dark man
Can anybody give the outputs of the following inputs


Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2004 8:45 pm
by Dominik Michniewski

Best regards

Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2004 9:37 pm
by dark man
thank you dominic ,
i got some mistakes with my equation. But i have fixed it and got accepted. But i think u have done a printing mistake with the input 5.
Output should be 125%.

Posted: Fri Apr 02, 2004 12:25 pm
by Dominik Michniewski
yes, sorry it was typo .... I corrected it ...

Best regards

10499 > The Land of Justice > Help with formula.

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2004 12:54 am
by _.B._
Will anyone please tell me what's wrong with my formula?.
Considering the graphic in the example, each Nth piece will have 2 halves of Area of a Circle, and Area of the Sphere / N.
Considering that
Area of a Circle (AC) = Pi*r^2, and
Area of the Sphere (AS) = 4*Pi*r^2 = 4*AC
[ AC = AS/4 ]
then, for each Nth piece, there will be a total Surface of:
2*(AC/2) + AS/N = AC + AS/N
For N pieces, there will be a total Surface of:
N*(AC + AS/N) = N*AC + AS
Now, for the profit:
AS -- 100%
N*AC + AS -- ?%
Therefore, Profit = [(N*AC + AS) * 100] / AS
Profit = [(N*AS/4 + AS) * 100] / AS = [AS*(N/4 + 1)*100]/AS
Profit = (N/4 + 1)*100

Profit = 25*N + 100

And that won't show the right answer :o
Thanks in advance!.

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2004 8:36 am
by little joey

In this problem they want you to calculate the profit as percentage of the sell price, not the buy price. I guess the problemsetter is better in mathematics than in economics :wink:

So for the case n=2:

Buy price B = AS
Sell price S = AS + 4*AC = 2*AS
Profit P = 100*(S - B)/S = 100*(2*AS - AS)/(2*AS) = 50%
As in the problem description.

In normal life the answer would be 100% because the sell price is twice the buy price, but in this case the problemsetter is king. But he could have mentioned it in the description.


Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2004 9:29 am
by _.B._
Thanks little joey!.
Got ACed!.
Really usefull explanation.
Keep posting!.

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2004 8:25 am
by Noim
little joey,

After Accpeting this problem , i see this post and i am ashtonished. Because my accepted code calculate the profit as percentage of the buying price

and my formula almost same as _.B._ described. only differece is that _.B._ calculate the percectage of not only profit but also with it's buying price. that's the reason his all answer is 100% greater than me.

i may be used totally wrong formula. But what was the significant of your 4 time multiplication with AC of your formula little joey.
Buy price B = AS
Sell price S = AS + 4*AC = 2*AS

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2004 9:38 am
by little joey
Every time you make a cut through the sphere, the area increases by two times the area of the circle (one for every side of the cut). So cutting twice, as in the example I gave, increases the area by four times the area of the circle. If you don't believe me, take an apple and make the cuts :D

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2004 9:53 am
by Noim
You are given a sequence of integers N (0 < N < 231), indicating the numbers of parts of the sphere.
does N means how many cuts or how many parts?

i think you explained it assuming N as cuts.
if n means how many parts?? then what should be the explanation?

i may still wrong.

please clear it to me.[/quote]

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2004 10:13 am
by little joey
This makes me look stupid, doesn't it? It means parts, not cuts, something I was convinced of...

Forget all of my previous postings. They are wrong. Sorry to the problemsetter. But at least _.B._ got accepted... :oops: :( :cry: :( :oops:

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2004 11:41 am
by Noim
that does not matter boss. :D

yeh _.B._ have got acc for your post..... :)

i like your apple theory :wink: