10458 - Cricket Ranking

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10458 - Cricket Ranking

Post by Sajid »

I think, my program is ok. but it has a error msg TLE.... i have to do somthing for the less CPU time.

What can i do now????
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Post by mathijs »

Is there some fixed formula for this one?
I have thought of some sort of formula-building type of solution, but haven't tried to implement it. Is there a simpler way?

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10458 Cricket Ranking

Post by LittleJohn »

I have no idea about this problem.
Can anybody give me a hint?
Thanks in advance.

Andrey Mokhov
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Use IEP.

Post by Andrey Mokhov »

Hello, LittleJohn!

I've recently solved the problem. I used so-called Inclusion-Exclusion Principle. I guess you can google it :wink:

And the main badness of the problem is that you are to use long arithmetic. Rather dull, I think. :-?


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Re: 10458 - Cricket Ranking

Post by sdipu »

There are some problems with End Of File definition in this problem.

I used Java's Scanner to take input. And got many WA just because I did not check for EOF before every time I take a number. So I assume there are some extra numbers or characters after the last dataset in the input file. Although I was promised to get EOF after the last dataset.
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Re: 10458 - Cricket Ranking

Post by brianfry713 »

There is always a newline char at the end of the input.
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