10421 - Critical Wave

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DM, I think there is some confusion in your code with the use of 'd', 'next', and len[2]. len[0] and len[1] don't seem to represent consistently either an 'upper' or 'lower' path, instead they depend on the value of .next, which may be rewritten on another pass. You may end up writing two different kinds of paths involving a point in len[0] (or len[1]), losing one of the values.

I would strongly recommend removing 'next' and 'd' altogether. Instead, use len[0] and len[1] to represent 'max wave length terminating in this point as a lower point' and 'max wave length terminating in this point as an upper point'. (note that then you'll need to update p[j].len[1] on the basis of p.len[0], ie upper and lower points alternate).

When I make this modification to your program, it appears to be correct to me.


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Thanks Christopher, I try to do it in weekend :)

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Hahaha... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Finally I got AC. Thanks Little John.
The only mistake is my code give 1, when the input = 0.

Huge Thanks,
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