can any body inform me the best prime generating algorithm ?

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how do i expand it to bit-wise comparison? (c/c++)

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Jdont like Sieve of Eratosthenes :P

somthing like that take les memory (only prime numbers)

for(j=0;;j++){ if((i-1)%fst[j]==0)break; if((fst[j]*fst[j])>(i-1))
{fst[liczp]=i-1; countprime++; break;}}
for(j=0;;j++){ if((i+1)%fst[j]==0)break; if((fst[j]*fst[j])>(i+1))
{fst[liczp]=i+1; countprime++; break;}}

check if devide by smaler prime numbers + some optimaliation
it if fast but if tou need somthing faster add fermat test

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Seat of Eratosphenes - that's really cool!
Thank you fellows - I didn't laugh like this for a long time! :D

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