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Help about MAX Flow

Post by anwar »

Is there any problem that can be solved by MAX FLOW Alogorithm.

Daniel Chia
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Post by Daniel Chia »

Problem 10030 can be solved by max flow.

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Post by junjieliang »

That would be 10330 "Power Transmission", not 10030... :wink:

Whinii F.
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Post by Whinii F. »

To name few problems come to mind..

10092 The Problem with the Problem Setter
10380 Shogi Tournament
563 Crimewave (Which is identical to an exercise in CLR network flow chapter)

Of course there should be more. :)
JongMan @ Yonsei

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Post by hank »

Whinii F. wrote:To name few problems come to mind..

10380 Shogi Tournament <=why do you think it is a maxflow problem?

Of course there should be more. :)
Hi,Whinii F..
Can you give me some hints about problem 10380?
thanks in advance.

Steven Halim
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Post by Steven Halim »

Some Max Flow problems:

10092 - the problem with the problem setter
10249 - the grand dinner (btw, Max Flow will be too slow to pass TLE)

Some Max Bipartite Matching problem (Max Flow variant):

670 - the dog task
753 - a plug for unix
10080 - gopher 2

There may be several more... I'm still searching...
refer to my website for a more complete problem classifications
(the list is still (and will always) growing) ... egory.html

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Post by Larry »

What can be optimized about the Edmond-Karp? I've gotten TLE on Gopher II and it's running really slowly..

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Post by horape »

Larry wrote:What can be optimized about the Edmond-Karp? I've gotten TLE on Gopher II and it's running really slowly..
Change algorithm :-) Lift to front is lots faster.


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Post by titid_gede »

i use ford fulkerson with DFS for augmenting path (worse than edmond -karp ) and got AC in not more than 0.4 sec. perhaps something wrong with your implementation?

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