How can I use a bit to store a boolean value in C?

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How can I use a bit to store a boolean value in C?

Post by yatsen »

I usually use data type int or char to store a boolean value(0,1).
But sometimes the table is so big.
So if I can use a bit to store a boolean value, it will reduce the memory used.
Please help me, thanks.

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Post by .. »

I think this problem should be discussed in "Help on languages" part.........

I use C to write program. When I need to use bit to store boolean, I will use the bit-wise operators ( ^, |, &, <<, >>). Using these operators can let you control the value of a bit in a int or char.
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Boolean in C

Post by 27584NX »

To store boolean values, I use the
[c]_Bool myBooleanVar ;[/c]
The values accepted are 0 or 1. (I think true are false will generate errors)
But this _Bool is not accepted by the GCC compiler (which is the one I think the judge uses), but runs ok on LCCwin32.

Hope I helped you. :P :-?

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Post by imranul »

why not use Bit-Field?
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