array manipulation

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array manipulation

Post by sv90 »

Please give me some problem number of array manipulation
and if any tricks or tips about array manipulation then i will be very grat full

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Post by little joey »

This is not the right forum to ask this question. Please look at the forum description before posting in one. I'd suggest 'Algorithms', but you have to be more specific in what you mean by 'array manipulation'; that term is too vague.

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Post by DJWS »

Array manipulation algorithms...
Basically they can be sorting and searching. :wink:
For instance, bubble sort, quick sort, merge sort, binary searching, etc.

Here are some sorting probs:
299 Train Swapping
612 DNA Sorting
755 487--3279

Have you tried about them? :D

DJWS, a newbie in programming :wink:

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