830 - Shark

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830 - Shark

Post by 10153EN »

I am trying on this problem, but got lots of WAs. I think I have checked for all conditions (at least I think :wink: ). Could anyone tell me if there's any tricky input exists?

Ivan Golubev
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Post by Ivan Golubev »

No tricks in this problem, check your code one more time.

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Post by cytse »

Just got AC, after 10+ WAs....
use getline instead of reading char by char

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Bug in shark last test case input

Post by erdos »


There's a reason for so much errors while submiting Shark.
There's a bug in the last test case input.
The first line of each test tell us the number of lines and number of columns, unfortunately for last test case the input says there are 38 columns but in fact there are 39, that's why who's reading char by char
can have serious problems. (like I did...)
Fortunately this unsuspected column is just filled with dots so who's reading all line at once shouldn't have problems.

I had the opportunity to see the input files because the author of the problem is a teacher of mine.

Hope this helps.

Jose Santos

little joey
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Post by little joey »

Well, it's more then that. There are either empty line where they shouldn't or no empty lines where they should or both. Only after ignoring them totaly I got AC.

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Post by smile2ka10 »

According to what erdos said, i used this code and it got accepted:

Code: Select all

except this i read normally from the input(char by char).

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Re: 830 - Shark

Post by brianfry713 »

It looks like the input has been fixed. I read char by char without any of these workarounds and got AC.
Check input and AC output for thousands of problems on uDebug!

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Re: 830 - Shark

Post by csegura »

I also had problems with the way of reading. I obtained wrong answer when reading character by character, but AC when reading line by line, so be careful...

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