294 - Divisors

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Re: 294 please help me

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Kamarul Kawnayeen wrote:A better approach to solve this problem should be using prime divisor. If you can find that a number N = (a^x)*(b^y)*(c^z) where a, b, c are prime number then the number of divisor of N should be (x+1)*(y+1)*(Z+1).

If you have already solve 583 (prime factor) then it will be easier for you to solve this problem.

Code: Select all

int divisors (long int c) {

		long int s;
		int i, j, flag;
		int divisornum = 1;
		i = 0;
		flag = 0;

			factor[j] = 0;

		k = 0;

			c = - c;

		s = sqrt(c);

		while((c>=prime[i] && prime[i]<=s) && c!=1) //prime is an array which hold the prime number
			j = 0;
				flag = 1;
				c = c/prime[i];

				factor[k] = j;    //save the power of a prime factor to another array
			flag = 0;

			factor[k] = 1;

			divisornum = divisornum * (factor[j]+1);        //applying the process which I describe earlier

		return divisornum;

first done the seive code and find out prime number upto 56000 (approximately). Then use this code for finding number of divisor.
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Problem with 294 problem, I dont know why :(

Post by LMast »

Hi guys, I dont know why my code return WA fot this problem.
I try found the error but i cant, in my console the answer is right.
Well, here is the code:

Thanks guys, I try really hard solve this problem :cry:
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