236 - VTAS - Vessel Traffic Advisory Service

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236 - VTAS - Vessel Traffic Advisory Service

Post by sclo »

There is a high chance that the judge is still wrong for this problem. I can never get it accepted.

Also, the problem never specified the output order for the encounters and close passings, maybe a special judge is needed for that.

The problem never specifies what happens if more than 1 ship enter port at the same time. Or we just assume their time to be 24 hours apart.

Little joey is the only one that get AC on this problem, maybe the judge output should be checked.

little joey
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Post by little joey »

Yes, the problem is poorly specified, and the only reason I got accepted is that the judges used my program to generate their output. And my program is most likely wrong.

To fix the problem I think both the description should be made less ambiguous and a special judge has to be written. I recieved a request fom UVA to do just that, but somehow I never found the courage to do it... If you feel like doing it, by all means do so.
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Re: 236 - VTAS - Vessel Traffic Advisory Service

Post by uDebug »

An AC version of this problem is now available at

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