Clarification Requests by Email

This board is read/only, and you will be able to read the possible clarifications of the running contest (if any). If you want to make a clarification request, please send an email to the organizer of the contest (NOT to the Judge staff).<br>
There is no contest defined at this time. This board will become active when a contest is running. Articles posted now here refers to the last contest.

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Clarification Requests by Email

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During this contest you can send mail to in order to receive Problem Clarifications.

The subject must be `clarification: x' (without quotes), where x is the problem letter (i.e., `clarification: A'). Please include your source code for the problem if the clarification is about the tests or the special judge programs being incorrect. The satisfaction of these rules will allow me to work quicker.

We will reply directly, and also post the answer as a message here, if the answer is of general interest.
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