10207 - The Unreal Tournament

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10207 WA Could anybody give me more input/output tests ?

Post by sERbU »

Hi. I'm getting WA for problem 10207, but I don't know why. I tested my program against a reasonably large (and in my opinion complete) input/output combination, and my program gets everything right (newlines and so too).

I'd like to ask whether anybody minds giving me some sample input/output to test my program against, help is appreciated a lot, thanks!
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Post by marian »

You do not need to use DP to compute Numberofcalls(i,j). There is explicit formula, which you are asked to find in this problem. Hint: Binomial coefficients.
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10207... please help

Post by skinnyguy »

well the question says "if P(i,j) is undefined print -1 with similer formatting
but for every input we output two lines right?
the first one will be -1... but what do we put in the second line?
i was able to work out the "mathematics" behind the question and am getting the outputs correct for the sample provided, but the online judge reports wrong answer... maybe because i print
for invalid inputs?
finally, how large can the inputs be? i mean for large values of i and j... the number of recursive calls(even though i used a formula which i am certain is correct) will overflow an integer
please help
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Post by .. »

For invalid input, output this


The range of i, j are given clearly, and you require BigInt to solve this problem. This problem is not that trivial, beside finding the maths. logic behind, you have to fight with time limit and memory limit too.
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thank you

Post by skinnyguy »

i'm kind of a newbie(this was like the 20th problem i cracked)...
yes i got something like accepted-actually it says a presentation error
this was the first problem for me that would require lond double and big integer... but i worked it out
thank you for the help...
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10207 help

Post by liuchangacm »

What may the undefined P(i,j) be?
Wei-Ming Chen
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Post by Wei-Ming Chen »

I am wandering the output of

Code: Select all

0.5 1
1000 0
Can someone help?
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Post by Jan »

Wei-Ming Chen wrote:I am wandering the output of

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0.5 1
1000 0
0.5 0
Can someone help?
My accepted code returns


Code: Select all

Hope it helps.
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Re: 10207 - The Unreal Tournament

Post by brianfry713 »

A straight forward DP in JAVA using BigInteger got me AC in just over 2sec. i=0 and j=0 is the only special case. For this input:

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0.5 3
0 0
452 0
0 251
.1 0
AC output is:

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Check input and AC output for thousands of problems on uDebug!
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