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Convert data types

Post by Trinity »

People.. help!!!!!

I'm having a little problem trying to convert String to int.

First I'm using a byte variable to read the input data.
byte data[ ] = new byte [3]; (data);

Then I convert to String
String data_string = new String (data);

Then I convert to int
int data_int = Integer.parseInt(data_string)

Then appears a error , actually an exception <NumberFormatException>. If I use 'byte data[ ] = new byte[ 1 ]' doesn't make that error.
I don't know how to convert whitout making that exception.

Could someone help me please!


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Post by Adil »

hi. i haven't tested it, but you might try trimming the "data_string" [ ie, data_string = data_string.trim() ] before you parse to Integer.

good luck, and hope this helps.

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Post by ithamar »

I dont know why are you reading the input like you do it.

I believe that its easier to read it like this

int n = Integer.parseInt(ReadLn(255).trim());

Where ReadLn is the method that you find here

Hope it helps
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