Need Help Using Scanner

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Need Help Using Scanner

Post by Coalwater »

i have a problem with Scanner (java.util.Scanner)
its in using Scanner.hasNext() while reading from console
the problem is that the program never stops and i get time limit exceed
cant i use hasNext() when the Scanner is scanner( ?

Thank you
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Re: Need Help Using Scanner

Post by bekerpico »

Yes , you can . but you can't test it in your compiler, because you have to make the input has an end and you can't do that while it's waiting input from keyboard while the automatic judge can do .
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Re: Need Help Using Scanner

Post by andmej »

Actually, if you are using Linux you can. Just press Ctrl + D at a console waiting for input and it will send the EOF signal to the process. If you are using Windows, download a Linux distro for free.
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Re: Need Help Using Scanner

Post by mf »

Windows's equivalent of Ctrl-D is Ctrl-Z.

Alternatively, you can force your program to read from a real file using redirection, just type in the command line:

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java Main <input_file >output_file
(provided that you've called the main class just "Main")

This works under every OS I know.
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