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Julien Cornebise
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veron wrote:Yeah,it's so much clear that you are a damm crazy talker....
You cannot able to understand your own post.But I am not trying to hurt anybody,if somebody feel bad I am sorry for that.

Really,its a crazy situation for me,not only I am,everyone say that damm JAVA is not fast than your c++.But what do you think yourself?Are you
understand my comment,or not?If you not then pls don't reply post and I am not so interest to carry on this debate.
Well Veron, why the hell are you so agressive ?
I was purely and simply telling what I knew about the debate, trying to bring some arguments to both sides.
If you can't control yourself and can't avoid becoming so uselessly agressive, have someone read your posts before you send. That's not the first time I read vehement posts from you (see your reply to xbeanx a bit before in that thread).
I fairly know the way a JVM works, and I don't need a lesson from you. If you can't understand that my posts (and the one from all the other peoples) were NOT insults to you or any Java developer or users (I'm myself currently developing in Java), then that's not my fault.
If I was willing to be angry or instinctive, I would advise you many things but, given that I don't want to be as vindictive as you are, I'll simply say good bye, I'm not interested by people like you.

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Post by veron »

Hey I am not indicate you.I am very sorry that you are feel bad.
Yes, in the post I am not mention any name.If you read all the previous post you can understand this debate is continuing with XBEANX.

Because she not clear about VM.so I tell something about VM for her.Is it clear now.

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Post by xbeanx »

Yea. Well veron.. One of my previous posts may have seemed hot headed. I did not mean to start anything. Consider this an apology.

I respect your opinion and think you should share it with everyone! But this thread should be closed because I don't think it is going anywhere. Besides, if anyone really wanted to know speed differences between Java and C, he or she can do a google search and have billions of web pages to read about it.

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Post by technobug »

As someone mentioned, they were made for different purposes.

I work with Java but also love C++, so just for the records, those who are not familiar with Java and still have got that prejudice which says "Java is slower, will always be... bla bla bla":

- The Java virtual machine is responsible for interpreting java chunks (class files)
- Its an specification. Anyone can implement it.
- The second generation of JITS (just in time compilers) can be even FASTER than compiling the whole program and running it..... oops will I get myself in trouble here?

Ok, just a little bit about Jit compilers and why they CAN be faster (I am not saying they are ALWAYS FASTER):
The code will only be compiled to native machine code when needed. There is no static compilation as in C/C++. Based on the info that 90% of a program's bottleneck is in 10% of the code, it means that you do not need to compile 90% of your program to get a 90% boost on your interpreted code.
Now if you think that a software is really based on users who are used to the same functionalities and do not go further to use new stuff, they always use the same methods, classes etc.
Some people might surely argue that it seems to be slower, just look around for Just In Time compilers, I am not a master, but there is surely someone who have compared and showed some results.

But this info on JIT is just to show that for some purposes java might be better...

BTW, for the purpose of programming contests, c/c++ are much faster than Java. I know :)

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java to native code converters

Post by koodeGuru »

Are there any good converters? I searched extensively on net but found some links and most of them wont work. Does GCJ allow us to do that?
Thanks. :wink:

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Post by technobug »

you wanna convert a class to an .exe?

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