A very good FREE Java Book

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A very good FREE Java Book

Post by AlexandreN »

If you want to learn Java there's a very good book, and it's free.

Visit the site http://www.BruceEckel.com and download it.
The book is Thinking in Java.

Rajib Mazumder
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Post by Rajib Mazumder »

Dear AlexandreN

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Post by technobug »

IMHO Thinking in Java is not the best way to learn Java at all...

Anyhow, there are good tutorials on the sun website and the best (non free) book is, in my opinion, the Deitel & Deitel one...

Sun website: java.sun.com
For info in portuguese, guj is one of the best locations for starters: http://www.guj.com.br

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