How to configure RHIDE to use fpc!

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Amir Aavani
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How to configure RHIDE to use fpc!

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hi to all pascal lover!
I looking for an IDE in linux to compile and and debug my pacal programs. I searched a lot but I can't find anything usefull except one IDE in FreePascal home page. but I can't compile it because it needs to a unit that isn't available for public.

After sometime I found RhIDE can compile pascal programs, too. but unfortunately it needs GNU Pacal (gpc) not fpc.
I try to install gpc on my system but i can't.

Is there any one who use RHIDE for pascal?
Is there any one who use gpc in linux?
please help me.

little joey
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Post by little joey »

I should strongly advise against gpc because it is too incompatible with fpc which the judge uses. When the judge switched from gpc to fpc some time ago, I had to rewrite and resubmit about 70% of my solutions!

Fpc is the comipler of choice, but you're right, it doesn't have a decent IDE. (I tried the Windoze/Dos version once, but it sux). I guess the only option is to develop your programs without an IDE, just using a text editor and the shell, temporarily putting your own debug statements into the code.

It can be quite frustrating at first if you can't rely on a debugger, but IMHO it makes you a lot sharper and a better coder, because you start anticipating your own errors. I solved about 900 problems with fpc and without a debugger or an IDE, so I guess it's do-able. Now that I switched to C, I still do it this way, just out of habit...

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