Bugs in pascal compiler ? (problem 348)

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Bugs in pascal compiler ? (problem 348)

Post by Sanya »

Hello. I don't understand one thing.
I've posted Problem 348 in Pascal and C versions. For Pascal ver. reply is Wrong Answer and for C ver. is Accepted :o
Is this due to bugs in Free Pascal or have I made some mistakes?
p:array[0..10] of integer;
a:array[1..10,1..10] of longint;
b:array[1..10,1..10] of byte;

... { removed by fpnc }

#include <stdio.h>
int t,q,n,i,j,k,l;
int p[11];
int a[11][11],b[11][11];

... /* removed by fpnc */

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Post by fpnc »

It is not a bug. The programs are not exactly the same. You've used byte's instead of integer or longints... Try to change this... AC isn't it?

Avoid using bytes or short ints specially when you allocate few Kb (in this program, the arrays are quite small, so why should you want to reduce the memory so much?)
Best regards,

Fernando N

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