why programs that compile well keep getting ce here???

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why programs that compile well keep getting ce here???

Post by frk_styc »

my compiler is g++ 3.4.2.

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Post by misof »

Sadly, UVa's compiler is 2.95.4

If you are lucky, you got an e-mail with the output of their compiler.

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Post by Lotus »

I've tried to find 2.95.4 for Windows but it seems to have ceased to exist. Do you have a download link to that version?

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Post by Krzysztof Duleba »

Try looking for 2.95.3, Cygwin release is available in some places (keyword: Cygwin Time Machine).

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Post by ahsanlatif »

I use Dev-C++ for the compilation testing of the code. Can you tell me whihc compiler does it uses (MINGW or gcc). In the compile log it shows g++ as compiler . Can you tell me what files I will have to download to make compiler compatible to OJ's compiler.

The code compiled successfully through above compiler sometimes have a CE with OJ :cry: Can by only replacing the compiler file(g++) with g++ version 2.95.x we can get the desired result.

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