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can anyone tell me good compile for c++

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2005 11:31 am
by Artikali
i use VC.NET is it good compile.

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2005 4:08 pm
by shamim
The compiler used by most Online Judge is GNU standard. The operating system used is Linux. So, it is better that you use those compilers.

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2005 9:26 pm
by Artikali
thanks for your attantions
where could i download it GNU standart

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2005 10:53 pm
by danielrocha
Website of the GNU GCC project. Most linux distributions already come with gcc/g++. If yours doesn't, look for some guide on how to install it. If you use Windows as your OS you should probably give Cygwin a try:

Hope it helps,

Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 5:00 am
by chunyi81
MinGW for windows also comes with gcc/g++ as well.

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 8:11 am
by Cho
One thing I don't like from mingw is that its printf takes %I64d instead of %lld for printing long long.

Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2005 11:59 am
by shamim
Is there a way to just Install g++ of cygwin and not the entire package?
Downloading all the unnecessary things takes a lot of time.

Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2005 1:45 pm
by Krzysztof Duleba
What do you mean? You need gcc-g++ package and all its dependencies (namely cygwin bash binutils w32api mingw-runtime libintl3 gcc-mingw-g++ gcc-core), which in turn might have their own depencencies. Setup pulls them automatically, if you uncheck any of them the installation process will fail. There should be about 50 MB to download, it's not that much I suppose.