it's time to update the complier

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it's time to update the complier

Post by tiaral »

the c/c++ complier used in ACM/ICPC final contest 2004 is gcc 3.2, but the one used here is only 2.9.5. There are lots of difference between the two complier.

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Post by cytmike »

i think so too~~ :roll:

many functions can't run here :evil:

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Post by Dominik Michniewski »

I think, that all problems can be solved with both versions of compiler (2.9.5 and 3.2).
And what means 'many functions' ? Maybe you have in mind some non-ANSI functions ?

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Post by GreenPenInc »

I think they should keep it. If they update it, there go half my excuses, and I'd be forced to admit that the mistake might be mine.

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