How to single 8 bit Varialbles Store in Single Bytes

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How to single 8 bit Varialbles Store in Single Bytes

Post by logind »


here im showing my program, in the Structure declare single unsigned bit 8 variables,the structure will be call my union function, my doubt is how to store this seperate 8 variables single bit Value in single byte. Give Some other suggestion for How Single bit 8 Values Store in Singe Byte . please help me yar......

void main()
struct num{
unsigned isolate1:1;
unsigned open1:1;
unsigned short1:1;
unsigned fire1:1;
unsigned isolate2:1;
unsigned open2:1;
unsigned short2:1;
unsigned fire2:1;
union d{
struct num n;
char ch;
printf("%d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d",e.n.fire2,e.n.short2,e.n.open2,e.n.isolate2,e.n.fire1,e.n.short1,e.n.open1,e.n.isolate1);

here im get the Output is: 01000001.

so this seperate 8bit values store in single byte how is it possible sir/madam.

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Post by sclo »

Sorry, I don't understand your problem, can you explain more clearly?

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Post by maxdiver »

Maybe you need bitwise operations?

int bit1 = byte & 1;
int bit2 = (byte >> 1) & 1;
int bit3 = (byte >> 2) & 1;
int bit4 = (byte >> 3) & 1;

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Post by Moha »

Of course it should be. It is one of the advantages of C. But pay attention the size of num struct is not 1byte. it is 4bytes.

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