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source code of other members

Post by buda »

Hello, I suppose it isn't possible to see source code of other people (which is kind of unfortunate, because my solutions often don't run quite as fast as the best ones, and I'd really like to know how the best ones work :).

However, is it possible to see the comments someone posted while submiting his solution? (I mannaged to find them with google for a few problems, but I haven't really seen a way to get to them from the main page). These sometimes offer a clue about the actual solution.

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Post by misof »

Most of the problems were discussed somewhere on this board. Use the search function (in the menu in the top part of the page) and enter the number of the problem you are interested in.

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Post by QulinXao »

Maybe you can add new service
for one who get AC(or PE) on problem XXX
phe can get solution other man's who get AC(or PE) on problem XXX
with for example 1) .bigger time
example 2) bigger time and bigger memory?

WHAT THINK about IT the judge admin?

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Post by sumankar »

That's a Real-Bad-Idea. You don't even want to know if the author wanted to part with their source code or not!

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Post by A1 »

to Buda,
You may like to visite where you will get a lot of problems with every one's solution.

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Post by shahriar_manzoor »

As it is an ACM ICPC based OJ so such things are not likely as ACM ICPC is not an opensource contest. Also this site has a 24-hour judge in which there are many very good programmers have top positions. Making all sources open for all will make the ranklist meaningless or at least reduce its importance.

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Post by misof »

What's also quite important is the fact that the people who submitted their solutions didn't give UVa the permission to publish them or use them in any other way.

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