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EMail Notifications

Post by ahsanlatif »

I am facing a problem with the submit-o-matic. From last week I am not receiving any mail from the OJ. Neither acknowledgement, Nor result.
Is anyone else facing this problem as well? Or I am making some error?

I submit code on this page:

I also had two ACs during last week so I believe there is no problem in my method but I am stuck in two problems where I had Compile Error. As there is no mail I can not check what is the error. Though I have compiled the code with Dev-C++[OJ comaptible compiler] but still OJ calls it a compile error.

Kindly tell what to do?

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Re: EMail Notifications

Post by mamun »

ahsanlatif wrote:From last week I am not receiving any mail from the OJ.
From last week only? Well, I'm not getting them for some months now. Don't know what to do other than wait. :roll:

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Post by hoho »


I have the same problem of you.
I received many Compile Errors in a problem but I don't know where is wrong. And there are no OJ E-mail, I can't fix my mistake.

I've submitted my program to another OJ and it really can be compiled.
But I don't know why in UVa OJ can't be compiled.
It's really too strange.

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