About new accounts' "Access Denied" Problem

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About new accounts' "Access Denied" Problem

Post by LPH »

Recent days I introduced this site to some of my friend. After they had registered(and received an ID <45000), they told me that after submittion they received an "Access Denied" reply. I've read the article How to understand the Online Judge answers, it says:
Access Denied (AD): Your Internet address is not allowed to submit problems. Maybe you have setup to accept programs only from your E-Mail address: edit and update your personal information in the Web. Otherwise, contact us.
But now we cannot modify our personal infomation, how can we update it?
They are also sure that they didn't choose accept programs only from E-Mail adderss when they were registering. What's going on?
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Post by shamim »

Currently, there is a big problem in the registration system. Since they have registrered recently, ask them to register again paying special Attention to the fields.
I think, they also need to activate their account.

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Post by rafagiu »

Are you guys notifying the admins of this site about all the AD problems you're having? Seriously, if no-one telles the admins, they won't guess we're having those problems!

Take a look on the site. There should be some e-mail where you can send your report.

Please, do that. They need to know their site is running under very problematic conditions.

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