To Admins: Please kill the non-related threads!!

Post here if you don't find any other place for your post. But please, stay on-topic: algorithms, programming or something related to this web site and its services.

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To Admins: Please kill the non-related threads!!

Post by 10153EN »

Dear admins,

Someone, of login ID: tenshi, is posting messages in different boards, which is not related to the OJ system and the Online contest, but just to promote something else.

Could you please kill those threads so as to give a more clean and tidy environment for us?

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Post by fpnc »

Of course! And please, remember that "Misc" forum exists for these kind of topics, and specific forums are just for that: specific topics.

I want to avoid moderating the forums, but we'll have to do it if people starts to spam every forum.

Best regards,
Best regards,

Fernando N

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Post by tenshi »

I am very sorry to do that ......

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