The Best Online Contest

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The Best Online Contest

Post by shahriar_manzoor »

This thread is openned to know the response of the contestants on the question "Which Online Contest in UVa in recent time was the best?". I am looking for answers only on the contests arranged by us (The monthly contests and the regional warmups).

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Post by sohel »

To me the ICPC Dhaka Regional 2004 was the best.. ... roblemset/

I specially liked the third problem.. Reverse assignment.

.. and outside the monthly/warm-ups, I thought IIUC contest was a good one.

Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman
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Post by Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman »

I think the July monthly alongwith both the regional warmups were fine.
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Post by Niaz »

I will go with Sohel. ICPC Dhaka 2004.
I have seen almost all the Regional problems of 2004 and I found this one (Dhaka 204) is the best and the hardest also. Thanks to Shahriar Bhaia, Tomal Bhaia, Sajjad Bhaia, Kamruzzaman Bhaia. They are the men who make us so busy :)
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Post by Sanny »

I liked World Finals Warmup - 2 with so many nice number theory and DP problems. :lol:

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