What's this "New Programmer" designation?

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What's this "New Programmer" designation?

Post by gvcormac »

I see that I am labelled as "New Programmer" in my postings. Perhaps I'm overly sensitive but the label doesn't seem to fit (I've been a uva member since 1997; I'm not sure I'd call myself a programmer but if I did I wouldn't call myself New).

I don't see anything under 'profile' that explains how to change this.

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Post by fpnc »

I'm sorry for bothering anyone. Let me explain this point. I used the automatic rank feature that this board offers to "rank" users using the # of posts in this board. Maybe I was wrong with the titles of the ranks, so I've changed it:

New poster: from 0 to 25 messages
Experienced poster: from 26 to 100 messages
A great helper: from 101 to 200 messages
Guru: from 201 messages

There are 3 special ranks for which the message numer does not count:

System administrator <-- people who admins the OJ
Online Contest Administrator <-- people in charge of OC's
Problemsetter <-- people who submits problem descriptions, let us know at usual email to "upgrade" your nick to this rank.

Anyway, if there is any problem with the rank feature, I can disable it as well, and hope everyone will be happy...

Best regards,
Best regards,

Fernando N

Stefan Pochmann
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Post by Stefan Pochmann »

The new names are better, thanks... but there's one bad thing: if you become a guru, you're not "a great helper" anymore. It's sounds like a relegation ;-)

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Post by C8H10N4O2 »

I think it should be: "A Great Helping Guru"

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