bug in the board??

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bug in the board??

Post by abishek »

Recently I observed that the

see posts since last visit

link doesnot work correctly and shows previous post that are unread as well. Anybody else noticed it? Admins?

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Post by anupam »

yes, i have noticed that too.
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Post by fpnc »

It is the expected behaviour now.

Before the change, when you logged into the board and then close the explorer and then reopen it, you won't see any unread topics. Now, you will always have the unread topics marked until you read them or "mark them as read" -- across sessions.

If you want, you can just read all the topics :) or click the "Mark all forums read" link before closing the explorer. The link is right above the "Who is Online" box in the main page (which marks everything as read) or, inside a topic, there is a link "Mark all topics read" just above the "Last post" text.
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