"Updated Problem for download" -- really updated ?

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"Updated Problem for download" -- really updated ?

Post by popel »

Recently I re-downloaded all the volumes from acm uva site. Where there is a link "updated problems for download"
But now I see many of them are not updated..... The algorithmic team is making change to the input range, this change is found is not reflected in many of those updated problems.

For example, Today when I submitted prob #147, I got SIGSESV at first....
(Invalid memory reference)... when I directly downloaded that problem from the site I found that the input range was made $300 from $50 and
it was rejudged in 12/12/03..... but I downloaded volume 1 someday after 20/12/03.....still my new version contains the range of $50.

So, are they really updated ?
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hellopopel ;)

Post by Sajid »

Popel, Welcome to this community after long time... :)

Actually, the Algorithmic team is not the authority, they are from us and they are engaged in their individual jobs.

and yes, the Problemset for download is not updated correctly, I can see that...
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