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Posted: Mon Dec 01, 2003 9:47 pm
by Md. Sajjad Hossain
why not a section for archive problems ?

Posted: Tue Dec 02, 2003 7:14 am
by sohel
Why isn't there a section for archive problems? Those problems seems to be more interesting and there should be a section for that.

Posted: Mon Dec 15, 2003 5:54 pm
by Tahseen Mohammad
Good point.

I think they will up one soon. It hasn't been much time people
has started to solve archived problems so no one though about

I ask the administrator to please comment.

Re: Archive

Posted: Wed Dec 17, 2003 7:52 am
by asarefin
Md. Sajjad Hossain wrote:why not a section for archive problems ?
Hi! I agree with this. If it is not done, soon the "Other words" Section may get filled with ARCHIVE Questions/problems... :D

Anyway, Continue with happy learning

Ahmed Shamsul Arefin