Newcomer problems

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Newcomer problems

Post by carlosbp2002 »

Where can i find problems from a novice like me ?
I heard about adhoc problems,, but how do i know when a problem belong to this category ??
Anybody can tell me some easy(no too easy of course) problems ??

bery olivier
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Post by bery olivier »

I guess the easier is 272 : Tex quotes
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Post by szymcio2001 »

bery olivier wrote:I guess the easier is 272 : Tex quotes
I think that 10055 is easier :lol:

Whinii F.
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Post by Whinii F. »

I would recommend these few typical problems in some categories:

Dynamic Programming:
10003 Cutting Sticks
10192 Vacation
10306 e-Coins
10051 Tower of Cubes

399 Another Puzzling Problem

Graph Theory:
10004 Bicoloring
10099 The Tourist Guide
10147 Highways
10305 Ordering Tasks

Some ad-hocs:
10107 What is the Median?
10116 Robot Motion
10164 Number Game
10191 Longest Nap
10194 Football (aka Soccer)
10221 Satellites
10530 Guessing Game

10112 Myacm Triangles
10167 Birthday Cake
10348 Submarines

Maybe few of these problems could be too hard or in a wrong category, but plz forgive me about that. :)

And, I'll bet 10071 (Back to High School Physics) is the EASIEST problem in ths problemset.. :) (Maybe 10469 will make a good match huh)
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Russell John
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Post by Russell John »

Along with 10055, try out 10071 as well.

You also might find some easier problems between 100490 and 99.
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Post by WR »

I've also started just a few weeks ago, and apart from those
problems already mentioned (like 272) I found problems
499, 10370, 541, 10035, 10297 and 10197 rather easy.

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Post by shamim »

Hey, How come nobody mentioned 113.

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Post by Rajib »

Mathematical problem like this, is not so easy. This problem is easy but not most easy. They are talking about most easy problems for new solvers. :lol:

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Re: Newcomer problems

Post by Alessandro »

carlosbp2002 wrote:I heard about adhoc problems,, but how do i know when a problem belong to this category ??
All programming contests problems can be reduced to a few types of problems, mainly:

Dynamic Programming
Complete Search
Flood Fill
Shortest Path
Recursive Search Techniques
Minimum Spanning Tree
Computational Geometry
Network Flow
Eulerian Path
Two-Dimensional Convex Hull
Heuristic Search
Approximate Search

(taken from the USACO website)

The AdHoc problems are those ones that don't belong to anyone set above; usually, you have to find the solution only with your brain :)
The CEOIs are full of AdHoc problems... just search for them to see some examples.

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Uh, I think my things are easy.

Post by scidong »

Uh, I think my things are easy.
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Solmon K.
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Post by Solmon K. »

10783 is very easy too!
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Post by Zaspire »

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Igor's UVa Tools

Post by ebrahim »

I use next2solve @ Igor's UVa Tools:
You can put your UVa ID instead of 00000.

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Post by Carlos »

does this script still work after we disabled cgi statistics?
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Post by ebrahim »

I don't know whether it's data is up-to-date or not, but anyway it works!

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