Yes take a journey back in time

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Yes take a journey back in time

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Yes take a journey back in time. I am not so sure whether we can all go to the time machine and go back in time and restart our lives perfectly all over again for lot of us have committed sins and gygantic mistakes that we may regret today. However for UVA site's regeneration of ranklist is taking us back to Year 2001 and then gradually 2002... thus showing us how the Ranklist eveolved in time to be the ranklist it has gradually become today well ( today's Real Ranklist may not be shown untill all the we have visited through all the days of Year 2002 ... and then 2003.

However to see how it all developed , it's a profound experience for me and I am sure for thousands of Programmers in the site.

No everyone just be part of this Journey back in time. :D

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Yes take a journey back in time.
I agree, but I just new comer here--- just 2003.

So I cannot see anything here.

My record has been cleared, and I also know someone have over 250 be cleared.

Hope to be restored in a few days.

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