Anyone else have problems with AOL?

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Anyone else have problems with AOL?

Post by PJYelton »

I can't seem to get any program I send by AOL to compile, does anyone else have this problem? It compiles if I send if from my work address though, no problem. Here is my code for the first problem, but for some stupid reason most of the time when I get the confirmation email back it shows up as being blank where the email says Code that I compile:

Here is an example of what I send and what it doesn't seem to like (my ID is hidden, but is sentin the actual email):
/* @JUDGE_ID: ******* 100 C++ "Simple Iteration" */

using namespace std;

int max(int x, int y) {if (x>y) return x; else return y;}
int min(int x, int y) {if (x<y) return x; else return y;}

int getcycles(int x)
int counter=1;

while (x!=1)
if (x%2==0)

return counter;

int main()
int a,b,m;

while (cin>>a>>b)

for (int y=min(a,b); y<=max(a,b); y++)

cout<<a<<" "<<b<<" "<<m<<endl;

return 0;

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I Faced the Same Problem

Post by Sayutee »

I have faced the same problem when I made my first submission to ACM.

You have placed @BEGIN_OF_SOURCE_CODE and @END_OF_SOURCE_CODE inside comments. Remove the comment markers and let them stay as a line.

the first lines will be like

/*@JUDGE_ID: ****** 000 "Whatever"*/


See if this can help you

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