Online Programming and Hacking Contests@Techkriti '08

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Online Programming and Hacking Contests@Techkriti '08

Post by kushsh »

Dear Friends,

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-K) is organizing its annual technical festival, Techkriti. Among many events, talks and workshops, we shall also be hosting the two annual online events:

IOPC - The international Online Programing Contest
IOHC - The International Online Hacking Contest

IOPC will be held on 9th February, 2008 and will run for 24 hours. IOHC will be held on 15th February, 2008 and will continue for 12 hours. These events have enjoyed participation of top rated teams from all around the world in the past and we invite you to put your mettle against them. These events provide you some real tricky problems, and at the end of the day you could be the winner of handsome prizes too. Fun, isn't it?


We offer one of the highest prizes in the country! A total prize of close to $2000 is at stake.

So what are you waiting for ? Register online now !! Check out the Techkriti webpage at:

Check out IOPC and IOHC pages at: ... onalEvents

To have a look at last year's problems visit last year's webpage at:

Please forward this mail to all your friends who might be interested in participating in IOPC 2008 or IOHC 2008.

For any queries/clarifications/suggestions, mail us at:

Hoping to see you all in Techkriti,

The IOPC & IOHC Team,
Techkriti '08,
IIT Kanpur.

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Post by kushsh »


The IOPC shall be held this weekend according to the following schedule:

Registration Ends: 0900 hrs IST (GMT +0530) on 9th February, 2008
Practice Contest Starts: 2200 hrs IST (GMT +0530) on 8th February, 2008
Practice Contest Ends: 2400 hrs IST (GMT +0530) on 8th February, 2008
Contest Starts: 1400 hrs IST (GMT +0530) on 9th February, 2008
Contest Ends: 1400 hrs IST (GMT +0530) on 10th February, 2008

Be there for the practice contest on 8th February to familiarize yourself with the judge. You shall receive your teams' passwords for Practice Contest and Main Contest separately before each contest starts.

Here is the link:

Note: Practice Contest is only meant for you to familiarize with the judging system. Problems solved in practice contest shall not affect your IOPC ranking in any way.

Code On!

With Best Wishes,
Techkriti '08
IIT Kanpur

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