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do the problem solving sites should contain solutions of problems?

not at all
only for some seleted model problems
no comments
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Post by r.z. »

I think that shouldn't be a problem. Coz if we really wanted to gain something from solving problems then we wouldn't cheat. It all depends to the person itself.

If you cheat, you'll only get rank.....without precious knowledge and experience. :wink:
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Post by bugzpodder »

r.z. wrote:I think that shouldn't be a problem. Coz if we really wanted to gain something from solving problems then we wouldn't cheat. It all depends to the person itself.

If you cheat, you'll only get rank.....without precious knowledge and experience. :wink:
agreed. rank is really of no importance.
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Post by anupam »

again to be in a top position you have to gather a lot of exp.
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Post by Larry »

Especially if you want to stay that way.. =)
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Post by Examiner »

This story seems appropriate here.

Once upon a time, a dying father called his son to his bed and said to him, "Son, I don't have many days left, but I want you to do me a favour. After I leave, you will be the only bread runner of the family, but you have never worked before. I want to see you earn money with your own hands. Will you do it for me?" Looking at his trembling father, the son could not refuse the challenge.

Three days passed; the boy still could not brave himself for a job. He despised some of the offers, but also lacked the courage to try what he wanted to do.

The mother could not bear seeing her son try so hard, so she decided to help him. She gave the son a few silver coins and said, "Go and show these to your father, boy. You have tried hard enough."

The son happily took the coins and went to his father. But to his surprise, the old man immediately threw the coins into the furnace. The boy was astonished. Dishearteningly, his father said, "You did not earn these coins. Go and make money by yourself."

The mother watched her son walk out of the father's room. "Son," she said, "This time I am not able to help you. You have to earn your own money."

The son wondered how his father came to know that the coins were not his. More did he worry about how to become brave enough to try a job, so that he could comfort his dying father.

Another three days passed, the son finally gathered enough strength, and went to a brick factory early in the morning. When he returned in the evening, he was almost breaking apart--he had never done so much work in a single day. However, in his hand were three rusted copper coins. He ran to his father's bed, shouting, "Father! Father! Look! I made it!"

Once again, the father grabbed the coins and threw them into the furnace. The boy almost cried, "What are you doing, father? Do you know how hard my day has been?" Despite the burning flame, the boy attempted to pluck his coins out of the furnace. The father smiled, and said, "Son, this time the coins are yours. I am very proud to have such a courageous and respectful son."

After word: You know, victory is sweeter if you have earned it yourself.
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Post by Alessandro »

I think that a problem solving site should give to users:

1. Some links about theory and algoritms, as well as programming courses;
2. Some "teaching" problems, solvable by everyone with ease (with the solution or the input given);
3. A various set of challenging problems, for those who want to beat themselves.

Consider the USACO training program: I think it's a very good site for teaching problem solving to novices and also for challenging the experts. In the Chapter 4 I found a multiple knapsack problem... (the Chapters are 6).
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Post by kwedeer »

well - my fate was to work some time in business before coming to this site and... For the first time the fustration was the first feeling and after some analysis I understood - that I shouldn't blame myself if I receive WA, TLE - but - for the majority of cases - the organization... because - for programmer as a professional there is available variety of debuggers, profilers, there almost always is chance to make tests (enough test cases prepared) - both - for satisfaction of functional requirements and also - for non-functional (incl. performance).; but here is - only one small test case... I agree that problems here are simple enough...

So - regarding the topic theme - I think that here should be solutions of some model problems, and mainly - some basic templates in each language how to do I/O (on numbers, on strings, nasty EOL case - trated differently in each of language and platform - and so on) and smth like this - to provide newcomer with fast setup of environment and let the newcomer concentrate on algorthm itself (and not on building appropriate workbench...). In anycase - in real life - there are always available professional support from vendors of programming IDE's and tools - so one should concentrate on problem at hand...
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