Mr. Mahbub, would u plz help me !!!

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Mr. Mahbub, would u plz help me !!!

Post by bdboy »

Mr. Mahbub,
i am a new user here so i dont know the rules of setting problems. i have made some problems and i want to set them in acm so that other can solve it. can u help me ? would u plz tell me how can i set my own problems in acm ??? plz reply soon. i am waiting for u !!!

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Try the "Call for problem" option

Post by suman »

I don't know what are you looking for. But a new user here seems to always be a solver first, then a problem setter. However this acm team is nice and provided option for sharing programming knowledge. You can see the page for details. Best of luck.

- Suman

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Post by Mahbub »

I dont really know why u asked me for that? Or is it me u meant by "Mr.Mahbub" ?

I am sorry if u didnt meant me by that by name. But if u indeed ask me tha question my answer is tha same as the prevous reply made by somebody named 'suman' in this topic.


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