IPSC 2007

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IPSC 2007

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We would like to invite you to the
2007 Internet Problem Solving Contest.

The Internet Problem Solving Contest (IPSC) is an online (mostly)
programming contest for individuals and teams of up to three people.
Its purpose is to challenge programming and problem solving skills of
people around the world and of course, to have fun. As the time flies
by, we are getting ready for the ninth year of the contest. Hundreds
of teams have participated in the past contests, so do not hesitate
and join us this year!

Date of the contest: Friday May 11, 2007
Time and duration: 2:00pm - 7:00pm CEST (GMT+2)
Practice session (recommended): starting May 10, 12:00noon CEST (GMT+2)

Web page: http://ipsc.ksp.sk/

Feel free to distribute this message to anyone who might be interested.
Note that the contest is open for everybody.

Your friendly IPSC 2007 Organizing Team

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