New primality test algorithm found.

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New primality test algorithm found.

Post by AlexandreN »

This is a polynomial time algorithm to test if a number is prime.

Good work.

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Post by wyvmak »

yes, i have heard that before.

but i would like to know, to clarify my confusion, was primality testing originally thought as P or NP? as testing every number smaller than n, just O(n), isn't it?

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Post by Caesum »

re P/NP: you are thinking of factorisation, primality testing is a different problem

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Post by wsarzynski »

Complexity for problems is measured with
maximum number of operations for given size of input.
For primality size of input is number of digits.
Its quite easy to prove that primality is in NP and in coNP,
so if it would be NP-complete then P=NP.
Also note that P is subset of NP.

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