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Usage of this board

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2006 10:06 pm
by tan_Yui
Hi, everyone.
I have a question about the usage of this board.

When I read/write or edit the post, I am troubled with the character(letter) at the end of line. For example, every line has an additional blank space in the end of line. But, if there are no characters except for '\n' (blank line) or any blank spaces in the end, this line has no additional blank spaces.

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When I wrote this text as input/output using 'Code' tags, my browser returns the different text, like below. (replace ' ' with '.')

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'0123456789' and '..Accept03' has an additional blank space.
'Accept01..' and '.Accept02.' has no additional blank spaces.
Is it only my browser issue? Or, character encoding issue?

Otherwise, is 'Code' tag supported to not the text but the programing code?
I want to know how to write/read text precisely.

Please tell me any comments about my trouble.
Best regards.