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How to set up my own judge?

Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 5:31 pm
by zeitung

I would like to set up my own judge server. I read somewhere on the UVA website that they use a software called "NetJudge". However, I could not find any information about it on the internet.
  • Can it be downloaded somewhere and installed on an own machine?
  • Are there other judge systems I can use?
  • Does the Valladolid online judge provide an API (e.g. webservice) to submit problems and get the results?
  • Am I right in thinking that emails to [judge at uva dot es] do not work anymore?
I would appreciate any further informations on these topics.

Aleks Z.[/list]

Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 7:25 pm
by Darko
I don't know, maybe you can do something with this:

It needs some work to make it automated and I am not sure how secure it is, but maybe it will give you an idea or two.

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2006 8:47 am
by shamim

The have a download version of their online Judge. See if you can make something out of it.

Darko, PC2 is used for limited time contest. I don't think it would help much as an online judge.

Re: How to set up my own judge?

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 8:51 pm
by mrmbdctg
Do you have any downloaded copy of that judge. they are not responding my to my request.

Re: How to set up my own judge?

Posted: Wed Nov 11, 2009 6:29 am
by element14
I wrote an online judge under Linux with php frontend some many years ago. I had tested it with some contests and it seemed to work OK. It's more of a contest system than a judge system though.

Unfortunately the database schema is lost because I didn't back up the database, but it's old code and it's probably not worth my time to recover it. If you really want to use it, the schema should be recoverable by looking at the SQL statements.

The more non obvious code is the judge.c which is the judging backend. It is used to ensure that the user submitted code does not break the server... ... _judge.tgz

Hope it helps.