I can't submit my program through e_mail,why?

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wenzhi cai
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I can't submit my program through e_mail,why?

Post by wenzhi cai »

I don't know why,and now the submit-0-matic seems not work. :(
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Neither can I

Post by ec3_limz »

I also can't submit my solutions through e-mail. I submitted the same problem at least 4 times and when I checked the Judge status, my program was not there.


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Post by LittleJohn »

Maybe you can try to mail < judge@acm.uva.es
p.s. your manner of speaking.. :(
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Post by Caesum »

? Littlejohn, are you saying that email is working for you ?
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Post by Ivor »

Hey Caesum, his bloody right!!! :D

try sending to judge@acm.uva.es instead of judge@uva.es

I was submitting through the latter.... didn't work. But the first one is working to my great surprise!

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Post by fpnc »

[quote=ec3_limz]To all Judges, PLEASE FIX THE E-MAIL PROBLEM NOW!!!!!![/quote]

I do not want to explain another time that we are volunteers, we do not get any money by running this system, but quite a lot of expenses (the server, our internet accesses from home to fix and improve the system...) and that there are things that are just beyond our limits. We cannot do anything about the @uva.es domain and I haven't discovered what's wrong with it - I think it has something to do with spam and viruses, as we receive about 10 of them a day. In case you can't use @uva.es, you can try @acm.uva.es, because that email server is in our host and we can try to find out whatever may happen. I was going to announce quite a big improvement in our system but, after reading your words, I really wonder to myself "does this worth my time?". Anyway, I've found some great people here, and I'll continue my work because of them...

I suppose all that you do, you do it for free and it never breaks down - just like what you are expecting from this site. So, let me know what projects are you involved in, just to find out how big is the Internet.
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