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Dear users,

I've set up under testing a webpage from which you can submit your source codes.

Some points on this, please read carefully:

1st. It is under testing. If you try to access and you find a 404 HTTP error, don't tell us anything: I'll be aware of it.

2nd. Do NOT add your @JUDGE_ID field: the webpage will add it for you.

3rd. Some changes have to be done in your preferences in order to use this system. You canNOT set "only accept problems sent from the above email" or "reply to the host I use to send the problem". If one of these settings is on, you'll receive an error message and you WON'T be able to submit via webpage.

4th. If you use it and follow the steps provided in case of error and you think everything is fine but you cannot send your source codes because you get an error message, let me know.

5th. Remember: it is under testing. Do not rely on it to send problems in a contest - well, you can, but if you send a problem 30secs before the end of the contest and it doesn't work, do not blame at us. You're warned.

6th. You can now all the results of your submissions - including Compile Error, WA, AC, and so on - via webpage (Judge's status) or using your primary email account (it depends on how you have configured your personal settings in your account).

7th. You should NEVER see a "Submit Error" status. If one submission done via this webpage gets Submit Error, please locate the submission ID in the judge status page, and report to me.

8th. IMPORTANT: A security limit is placed in order to keep the system running properly. You can send only 5 messages a minute, and 60 messages an hour. If you try to send more messages, it WON'T let you do it via webpage - although you can send more messages than these limits using your email account as usual.

That's all by now. Feel free to test it and tell me whatever you want about it. BTW, I know that the design of this webpage is horrible, but I don't have time to make it better...

Enjoy it:

Best regards,
Best regards,

Fernando N

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